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PETRA expects all of its associates and representatives to act in accordance with the highest standards and professional integrity in all aspects of their activities and to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and company policies.

The Code of Conduct - Ethics of PETRA applies to all associates and representatives, including its directors, full and part-time employees, temporary workers, independent contractors, vendors, suppliers, and consultants. Failure to observe these policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment, as well as present and future relationships with PETRA.

Protecting Assets
Assets include cash, checks, vehicles, equipment, supplies, business plans, customer information, supplier information, distributor information, intellectual property (computer programs, software, models, and other such items), and physical property. PETRA's telephone, e-mail, voice-mail, and computer systems are primarily for business purposes. Personal communication using these systems must be kept to a minimum. If one's employment is terminated, all rights to property and information generated or obtained as part of your employment relationship remain the exclusive property of PETRA.

Accuracy of Records & Reporting
PETRA is committed to accuracy in tax-related records, and to tax reporting in compliance with the overall intent and letter of applicable laws.

Fair Employment Practices & Diversity
Advancement at PETRA is based on performance and talent. We believe that diversity is critical to our success. PETRA is fully committed to equal employment opportunity and compliance with the spirit and letter of the full range of fair employment practices and nondiscrimination laws.

Discrimination & Harassment
Discrimination and harassment, whether based on a person's race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, and/or veteran status, are completely inconsistent and repugnant with PETRA's tradition of providing a professional, respectful and dignified workplace. We prohibit sexual or any other kind of discrimination, harassment or intimidation, whether committed by or against a supervisor, co-worker, customer, distributor, vendor, or visitor.

Drug-Free Workplace
PETRA does not permit the use of controlled substances or selling, manufacturing, distributing, possessing, using or being under the influence of illegal drugs on the job.

Workplace Safety
All associates and representatives must comply with all applicable health, OSHA, and safety laws and regulations at the local, state and federal levels.

Conflicts of Interest
"Conflict of Interest" generally describes situations where an employee's own interest may influence the way he or she handles company business. It usually involves a situation when an employee can benefit personally from transactions involving the company. A conflict of interest can exist when an employee has a direct or indirect financial interest in, or receives any compensation or benefit from, any individual or firm that:
•  Sells equipment, supplies, labor, materials, or property to the company;
•  Renders any service to the company;
•  Has contractual business dealing with the company, including leases and purchases; or
•  Competes with or engages in a similar business as that of PETRA.
•  The business of PETRA must be conducted solely on the basis of merit and open competition.

Gifts & Entertainment
No associate or representative may accept/give a gift under circumstances in which it could even appear to others that your business judgment has been compromised. If a gift could be seen by others as engaging in a consideration for an official or business favor, one cannot accept or give the gift.

Company Compliance & Governance
PETRA aspires to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct - working to earn customer trust, day in and day out. In the hundreds of decisions we make, and actions we take every day, we affirm our commitment to this Code of Conduct - Ethics, and to deliver value to our customers, our communities and our people.