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PETRA Business Services offers a comprehensive range of business services to compliment your business;

•  24 Hour Call Center
Answered live by our Call Center 24 hours/day, 365 days/ year, log and dispatch calls, 24 hour service or just after hours assistance.

•  Full service Accounts Receivable
Create and submit invoices to all customers, track all invoices to keep receivables current, maintain A/R aging reports each month.

•  Full service Accounts Payable
Maintain all incoming bills and make sure all are correct, create checks at appropriate intervals to maintain current
pay status, Track A/P aging and monthly summary reports,
create and file all 1099's, maintain full legal integrity for
all tax laws.

•  Payroll Services
Full payroll service, maintain and submit all payroll taxes, create checks or direct deposit for each employee, maintain all payroll deductions for ins., 401k, etc., submit 941 forms quarterly, payroll reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly, printing and filing of W-2's yearly, tracking W-4 and deduction data, Maintaining all pertinent tax info., maintain full legal integrity for employment activities, track and maintain all I-9 information, Executive and non-exempt employee background checks.

•  Financial Reports
Full Monthly financial reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, growth charts, reports required by financial or tax entities, audit Preparation.

•  Human Resources Management & Policies
Provide for the implementation of your company's personnel guidelines & handbook, OSHA standards, hiring & termination procedures, verification of applicants' documentation, security checks, drug testing, and all applicable state and federal labor laws.

•  Expenses
Track and maintain expenses for each employee, maintain all bookkeeping for expenses and chart expense figures, monitor expenses for misuse and taxability.

•  Tax Services
Provide all information to tax professional, Handle all communication with tax completion, assure timely and accurate filing of taxes, perform all year-end tasks, file and submit any state sales taxes.

•  On-Line Fax Service
Local fax-number, sort faxes, delivery to the appropriate party via e-mail. Faxing to and from each individuals computer with one corporate fax number. Fax from anywhere and receive faxes no matter where you are as if you are in the office. Faxes can be delivered in PDA form or as an e-fax document.